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refrigerator magnets

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Trip to Philadelphia

I know I normally post only recipes and experiences related to those recipes on this blog but I'm going to branch out a little bit. I mean, it's my blog. I can say whatever I want. So get over it.
Recently I went to Philadelphia for a conference for work. Great great city and I hit up the Reading Terminal Market. This place is great! It's very similar to Quincy Market we have here in Boston.

I marched around the entire market a few times and finally settled on 2 things:

I stopped into Franks Hot Dogs stand - yeah, I know, why didn't I get a hot dog is what you might be asking but honestly, they didn't look that appetizing to me... little doughy pockets filled with potato were much more appealing. I'm in LOVE with these little suckers. I have to make them. My friend Katie who runs The Small Boston Kitchen (check out her blog, it's great!) has a fantastic recipe here that I'm itching to try now.

Delicious, spicey, chickeny, sausagey, shrimpy, tomato-y. Yum. I haven't ever attempted to make this but now I'm thinking it should... why not right? Worst thing that can happen is you screw it up. Beck's Cajun Cafe has some of the most interesting stuff listed on their menu - Alligator hotdogs would be the coolest sounding. I didn't indulge because we were headed out to dinner that night but I'd like to try that some day... after a few cocktails anyways.
Ah - I did get me a good cheesesteak - not the best (since I was at the airport) but I did have one. :-) You can be jealous now.


  1. I love Reading Terminal Market. We always go to the Asian place with the hanging ducks for pork dumplings. They are phenomenal!

  2. Make pierogis with me! I want them too!