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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flavoring Vodka - Rosemary Lemon

Let's talk about Vodka. defines vodka as "an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit, originally made in russia." It's also my liquor of choice. So many things you can do with Vodka. Yum. With that said - I've been doing a lot of flavoring of Vodka - mango vodka, ginger pear vodka, apple cinnamon vodka, and the most recent and VERY successful Lemon Rosemary. Here's the skinny and the key to flavoring vodka - dark, dry, even temperature location.

Rosemary and Lemon Vodka
- 6-8 lemons
- 3/4 of a handle of cheap vodka - cheaper the better because there is a
   lot in the vodka to take on the flavor
- 2 packages of rosemary from Trader Joes

I sliced and quartered the lemons - leaving the rind on but next time I think i'm gonna take it off. The two different types of cuts are so more of the vodka is touching the lemon.

Fill the bottle to the top and store in a dry dark place for 1 week. We got large jugs from TJ Maxx to fill Worked out great! Make sure you fill the bottle to the top and there is no rosemary or lemon popping out otherwise it could affect the flavor by going bad.

Make sure to test after a few days - depending on the amount of vodka it may take less or more time to get a full flavor.

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  1. I tried flavoring my vodka with thyme and lemon - but I only had a little vodka and some of the herbs were poking out....I guess they went bad because they smelled HORRIBLE.
    I need to pick up a handle of poland spring vodka and give this another whirl!